I know it’s a bit random, quoting Wayne’s World on a Monday morning, but this is the mantra I’m going with. You see, I’m a little concerned…

What if no one comes to the golfathon? I have a serious worry that I am promising to raise money for our charities, and when we start on the 23rd Jun, it will just be me and a couple of others there!

So, ” Build it, they will come ” is keeping me going!

On a different note, the weekend was a very encouraging time for us. First off I had a good chat with Kevin from The Undentable Trust & am really pleased to have them on board! Why not have a look at their website and see what they are all about! Secondly, an old schoolmate messaged me last night, saying that he just purchased the domains http://www.24hrgolfathon.com AND http://www.24hrgolfathon.co.uk and we can use them to promote ourselves even more! So thank you so mych Jaeson, it really means alot!

Right, got to go, am due to collect my new golf trolley and practice nets to enable me to practice my swing in the back garden. After all, if we succeed in getting a celebrity to open the event I don’t want to scuff my tee shot!

Build it, and they will come.