Well, just had first telephone meeting with Roxanne today, an my head is spinning, but in a good way!

I have been told in no uncertain terms that I am to restrain my excitement,keep my cards close to my chest, and not bombard people with my thoughts and plans.  We are going to have a much more organised approach from now on! 

What I can promise (and disclose), is that this is going to e a MASSIVE event, with us hopefully raising a huge amount of cash for our chosen charities (BLESMA, Combat Stress, The Undentable Trust, & Help for Heroes). 

The publicity of the event is coming along nicely, with an interview with Corby Radio planned for 15 Feb (around 11:20 if you fancy listening!), which wil hopefull be linked through to BFBS.  Roxanne is in the UK for that week, so I’ve managed to rope her in to coming along to talk about the event.

If anyone reading this is able to help in anyway, please contact us at charitygolfathon@yahoo.co.uk

Take care everyone, and I will update soon!