You know, it is really difficult to sit and think of something profound, informative and interesting about the build up to the 24hr golfathon, after the events in Afghanistan yesterday. 

6 men paid the ultimate sacrifice doing the job that they loved, whilst trying to improve the lives of people that they had never met.

I’m incredibly fortunate in that I’ve never lost someone in these kind of circumstances, but I’m sure I’m not the only person who, when hearing of the terrible events on the road from Kandahar to Lashker Gah, felt that they had lost something.  Sure, it will be nothing like what the family and friends of Cpl Jake Hartley, 20, Pte Anthony Frampton, 20, Pte Daniel Wade, 20; Pte Christopher Kershaw, 19; Pte Daniel Wilford, 21; and Sgt Nigel Coupe, 33 will be feeling, but the Country as a whole lost 6 fantastically brave men in a far away land.

After a while of thinking what had happened, I feel even more determined to make a huge success of our 24hr golfathon.  Our charities are doing some really fantastic work not only for the heroes who sometimes suffer life changing injuries, but also the families of those who pay the ultimate sacrifice.

On a different note, we had our radio interview with Corby Radio a few weeks ago, and they still play the interview daily.  Let me tell you, there is nothing stranger than putting the radio on in the car, and hearing your own voice!  It certainly confused my thre yar old, hearing Daddy in the car AND on the radio, only Daddy on the radio didn’t answer her when she asked him a question!

Our website will up and running in the next few days, thanks to the fantastic Liam at who has designed and built the website at no price to us!

We also now have a donation website set up, at so if you manage to have a spare penny or two, please, every single penny makes a difference.

By the way, there is only 105 days to go!  Scary!!